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What Makes Glass More Energy Efficient?


As one of the leading window and door companies in the Okanagan, PlyGem felt it was imperative to participate in an energy-efficiency project, which would allow them the opportunity to support local industries and trades, while showcasing their products. Ken Grobowsky of PlyGem says, “Windows are typically the lowest R-valued product in the wall assembly, so everything we can do to improve the efficiency of the glass is important to enhancing the overall efficiency of any home.” The energy-efficient window is one of the key products showcased in the Wilden Living Lab and there are many factors to consider when designing the correct window:

  • building orientation
  • budget restrictions
  • heating vs. cooling
  • geographic location

wilden living lab construction imageThe window featured in the ‘Home of Today’ incorporates PlyGem’s Vista Series white vinyl sliding windows with a double-glazed sealed unit and Cardinal Eco Grain 180 low-E coating, a readily used window design provided by PlyGem for homes in the Okanagan.

The window featured in the ‘Home of Tomorrow’ is PlyGem’s Design Series window, which is a vinyl window with a metal-clad exterior. This package incorporates a casement, crank-out type of window, triple glazed, with double Cardinal Eco Max 366 low-E coating. This is a more advanced window that will certainly improve the homes efficiency.

PlyGem hopes to identify the cost savings on glass improvement by using today’s standard low-E coating (double glazing c/w single low-E coating) versus triple glazing c/w dual low-E coating. This information will help future home-building customers make informed decisions on the glass used in their new home.


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