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Inside the Wilden Living Lab: The Benefits of NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms

Rob Voros, VP of AcuTruss Industries in Kelowna, has given us some insight into the NUDURA technology, the insulated concrete form walls that have recently been built in the Home of Tomorrow. While helping install the walls, the Okanagan College residential construction students learned about the construction and benefits of ICF walls.

Here’s a summary of the benefits:

  • Maximum Energy Efficiency
    Building an insulated concrete form house is more energy efficient and can save you significant amounts of money on a yearly basis as well as reduce your carbon footprint. NUDURA insulated concrete form walls vastly reduce air infiltration, which greatly optimizes energy performance.
  • Greater Home Comfort & Sound Resistance
    Outside cold can easily travel through a typical wood-framed wall, causing thermal bridging, and creating uncomfortable cold spots inside your home. Insulated Concrete Form houses built with NUDURA® offer superior performance when it comes to thermal bridging, resulting in even temperatures throughout your home with reduced drafts and cold spots, which optimizes energy performance.NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms act as an effective sound barrier, filtering out unwanted noise. NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms dampen sound vibrations from unwanted outside noise, such as, traffic, trains and neighbours.
  • Safety for your Family
    NUDURA offers your family maximum safety with a fire protection rating of up to 4 hours. With a NUDURA Insulated concrete form house, walls are built with steel reinforced concrete and a non-toxic fire retardant expanded polystyrene foam ensuring maximum safety.
  • Long-Term Value
    A NUDURA Insulated Concrete Form home is built to last, and retains its value longer. The main structural element in a NUDURA home is reinforced concrete which offers substantially better durability and requires less maintenance and repair over its lifetime compared to wood structures that require regular maintenance over it’s limited life span.