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Did you know that Wilden is the largest geothermal community in Western Canada? Up to 500 geothermal systems have been installed in Wilden homes to this day. Back in 2003 the Wilden Developer, Gerhard Blenk, joined forces with Jim Leask, president of GeoTility, and brought fossil fuel-free heating and cooling to the area on a broad scale and an affordable basis.

In our latest Wilden Living Lab-video Rick Nelson, General Manager of GeoTility, explains why geothermal is the most energy efficient heating and cooling system available today. Few people are aware of the fact that geothermal energy is actually solar energy. In the Home of Tomorrow it will be combined with electrical energy coming from solar panels. Rick Nelson is convinced that the recording of the data of the two homes (Home of Today and Home of Tomorrow) and the associated research done by UBCO will proof once and for all that the formula “geothermal plus solar” is the answer to todays demands for more energy efficiency and a minimized carbon footprint.

In this new video you will also meet three of the Okanagan College students working on the Living Lab construction site and hear about their learning experience so far.