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Genesis Building Controls

Partner for Accurate Data

The UBCO research team relied on Genesis Building Controls for the installation of sensors throughout the home. As one of the largest providers of building controls in the BC interior, Genesis has been a major partner of the Wilden Living Lab for many years.

Genesis plays a central role in generating this unique database for sustainable home building. The sensors will monitor temperature, heat gain, heat loss, humidity, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and much more. The School of Engineering will evaluate the data and share it with the public.

Findings from this research project will help lower the carbon footprint of residential living and make homes healthier and less energy-consuming. Home owners will be enabled to make informed decisions when investing in better homes.

Watch the video below and meet Trent Novakowski, General Manager of Genesis Building Controls

Last Chance

to simply walk in before the Wilden Living Lab home closes for research

Thursday, May 18th, will be the last day the doors of the Next Generation Home are open to the public to drop in. Until the new owners move in, we will offer private tours upon request. 

After six months of being open on a daily basis the latest Wilden research home will now be prepared for the real-life research phase. 

If you want to tour this exceptionally efficient home without an appointment, and learn why it uses less energy than it produces, make sure to come to 215 Echo Ridge Drive in Kelowna this Wednesday or Thursday (May 17 & 18, 2023) between 1-5 pm. 

As soon as the future owners of the home are found and have moved in, the UBC research team will start the real-life data collection.